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I recently had the opportunity to inspect two wonderful – and remarkably different – new ships: Carnival Vista and Holland America Koningsdam read more

Norovirus and Cruising. What You Need To Know!

NOROVIRUS: What is it? How to avoid catching it? What to do if you do get it? read more

Pre-Cruise Check List

I am usually pretty organized and like to have everything planned before I cruise (some people would even accuse me of being anal retentive). When I’m about 30 days out from a cruise, it becomes a reality. Before that it seems more like a distant dream. I am so happy to say that I HAVE A CRUISE IN NOVEMBER on the amazing Carnival Vista. It’s 6-night reunion cruise from Miami with a bunch of folks I worked with 40+ years ago. We had our first reunion cruise in 2013 and it was insane!! We stay in pretty close touch via Facebook and I’m pretty excited to see them all again. And what’s a better place to have a reunion than a cruise ship?? read more

New Carnival Horizon to Have Guy Fieri BBQ and Brewery

Carnival's next ship will have a barbecue eatery with a working brewery — a first in the industry. read more